Title: Romeo Delight

Artist: Van Halen

Album: Women & Children First

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: An example of Van Halen firing on all cylinders. Eddie’s riffing and soloing is excellent, Alex and Michael chug along, and Diamond Dave is what he is.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, c’mon. You think Eddie wouldn’t bring the riff.

Cowbell?: Alex doesn’t mind cowbell, but none here as far as I can tell.

Words Of Wisdom: “Wanna see my ID? Try to clip my wings
Don’t have to show you proof o’ anything
I know the law, friend
At the ‘leventh hour I’m goin’ back outside
Ooh, give it a try. I’m your last loose end”

I think I’ve seen 2 live vids (including the one I posted) and Dave always forgets the words to this verse. Hey, Dave, there are only TWO verses, you know.

Mixology Report: I’d recommend this in your mixing over other VH songs, because this wasn’t played much on the radio, and hence no one was ever sick of it.

Top Five Genius Results: Goin’ Crazy – David Lee Roth (Hmmm…no fooling!)
Neon Knights – Black Sabbath
Blackout – Scorpions
Steal Away (The Night) – Ozzy Osbourne
Screaming For Vengeance – Judas Priest

For The Good Of The Order: One of my dating ‘requirements’ in my younger days was that if a girl preferred the Sammy Hagar version of VH (or “Van Hagar with Sammy Headache”) then I would have to take a pass. You know, I still cast a suspicious eye at people who prefer that version.

Here’s a live cut from 1982. If you wanted note-for-note reproductions of the album, then why the hell are you at a Van Halen show?