Title: Combination

Artist: Aerosmith

Album: Rocks

Year Released: 1976

What It Is: A deep-cut album track from Aerosmith’s classic early era, before they were eaten alive by drugs and such (but not the sanitized clean and sober version post-1988). But being deep-cut Aerosmith, it kicks ass without being overplayed.

Riffage / Hookage: Joe Perry, the songwriter, must have come up with main riff, but Tom Hamilton’s bass line is menacing and rubbery. Brad Whitford no doubts contributes to the rockin’ riffs in his own way. (Yes, Perry wrote this one alone. Contrary to popular belief, Steven Tyler and Perry weren’t joined at the hip, nor were they the sole songwriters, as Whitford and Hamilton have some writing credits on classic songs.)

Cowbell?: I can’t hear any, but that doesn’t mean there’s not any. I hear a bell, but not a cowbell, more of a jangly one. Or it could be a very small cymbal.

Words Of Wisdom: “I forgot the name
I took a shot on the chin
I’m rearranging my game
Tell by the shape I’m in”

A shout out to Tyler, as he recuperates from a nasty fall he took off stage at a concert in Sturgis.

Mixology Report: I always advocate for the lesser known cut if you are torn between two songs.

Top Five Genius Results: Thus far Genius is unavailable for this track. Hmmmm…

For The Good Of The Order: Except for one or two stray tracks, I’m all for wiping Aerosmith post-1986 from the record books. Who’s with me? (OK, we’d miss a couple of hot videos, but still…)

No actual video (too early for that, really) or a live cut, but here’s the tune to enjoy!