Title: Disaster Blaster

Artist: White Zombie

Album: Make Them Die Slowly (“Disaster Blaster 2” was on an EP “God Of Thunder”)

Year Released: 1989

What It Is: Is this where White Zombie crossed the line from barely intelligible, poorly produced, horror based metal to competent, coherent, horror based metal? Perhaps. But the production is still rotten – it sounds like the group was trapped in an empty corn silo to record the track. (Disaster Blaster 2 sounds better – it also introduces the infamous movie samples White Zombie used in their major label records – but the tempo drags and Rob Zombie doesn’t sound interested in remaking the song on that version.)

Riffage / Hookage: John Ricci (soon replaced by Jay Yuenger, who manned the riffs for their major label releases) spewed out some fine riffs. But I can’t tell if bassist / Zombie-girlfriend Sean Yseult is on the track thanks to the lousy production. It’s not like she can’t play – she can – the echoey mess hides her lines.

Cowbell?: Oh, no, not here, because it would echo all over the place. Who produced this mess, anyway? Ah, Bill Laswell. Interesting choice? Someone said it was a tax writeoff.

Words Of Wisdom: “Creature of destruction
Laughing dead corruption
Challenge to survive
Love butcher alive”

Oh, that’s precious. They should make a Hallmark card with those lyrics!

Mixology Report: Wow, it’s tough. The song kicks ass but the production is so bad it may turn people off.

Top Five Genius Results: Twist Of Cain – Danzig
To Live Is To Die – Metallica
Too Many Puppies – Primus
Seasons In The Abyss – Slayer
Hello Again – The Cars

(One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just doesn’t belong.)

For The Good Of The Order: White Zombie signed to Geffen, recorded two successful albums and then, Rob Zombie decides to move on. He was always a multi-media person anyway, but I think his music has suffered without White Zombie around, and his films are an acquired taste. Yseult and Zombie broke up in the mid-90’s and now she’s a designer based in New Orleans.

Here’s a classic clip of pre-fame White Zombie (with Yuenger on guitar). Just look at the hair fly! Yseult has definitely got the hair flip down, doesn’t she?