(Perhaps setting a record for largest paradigm shift without a clutch in music blog history…)

Title: Looking Glass

Artist: The Association

Album: Renaissance

Year Released: 1966

What It Is: A simply beautiful example of ‘sunshine pop’. The Association received a bad rap for being ‘squares’ in the 60’s, and yes they weren’t radicals and sometimes tried too hard to be hip. But they were an excellent group for what they did – which was write pop songs with great harmonies and melodies. This was a B-side of a single with “No Fair At All” on the A, but DJs liked both and so basically neither side hit the charts big time. That’s what happened sometimes back in the days where radio was a bit more free form. But at least it wasn’t cookie cutter radio – as in the rock station in Buffalo is the same as Fresno.

Riffage / Hookage: The song didn’t have as strong of a hook as their big hits like “Along Comes Mary”, “Cherish” or “Windy”, and perhaps that’s why it didn’t have that huge of a radio impact. But it’s a pretty nifty melody. The guitar solo is pretty good for a sunshine pop tune.

Cowbell?: A woodblock and wind chimes, close enough? No? Ah, well.

Words Of Wisdom: “So go, play in jeweled cities
Play with pretties, tie ribbons in your hair
And if you find the looking glass
Please stay and ask the other side
Who’s that standing there, who’s that standing there
What’s her name
Does she still wear morning in her hair
And smile the same

Wearing morning in her hair? Jeweled cities? They may have dabbled in substances…

Mixology Report: It’s always a good idea to put a sunshine pop tune in there for a change up.

Top Five Genius Results: Midnight Confessions – The Grass Roots
This Diamond Ring – Gary Lewis & The Playboys
You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice – The Lovin’ Spoonful
There’s A Kind Of Hush – Herman’s Hermits
Precious & Few – Climax

For The Good Of The Order: They’re still out there. They shut down for a while in the 70’s but have been out there for a long time. And because of that, they’ve had some changes. Even now, there are three members of the band that were there in the 60’s still going strong (Russ Giguere, Jerry Yester and Larry Ramos) and the son of bassist Brian Cole is also part of the group (as is the son of Larry Ramos). Sure they play a lot of small casinos, small colleges, and county fairs, but hey, they’re still making music for a living. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Just look at who their management represents. Quite an odd lot!

Here is the Association on the Andy Williams show. Man, my mom LOVED Andy Williams. But she thought this was that loud rock and roll, no doubt.