Hey, I’m just in a rockin’ mood, OK?

Title: Straight Through The Heart

Artist: Dio

Album: Holy Diver

Year Released: 1983

What It Is: What it is? It’s DIO, man! DIO! Oh, come on. You know! The group led by the really short egocentric dude (Ronnie James Dio, hence the name of the band) that sang with Rainbow, Sabbath and formed his own group AND came up with the rock-and-roll devil horn symbol (I think). You know, the guy on the VH-1 Metal documentaries. Yeah, him!

Riffage / Hookage: Viv Campbell! Hell yeah!

Cowbell?: Vinny Appice (yo!) slams the skins with aplomb, but sticks to the basics.

Words Of Wisdom: Hanging from the cobwebs in you mind
It looks like a long, long way to fall
No one ever told me life was kind
I guess I never heard it, never heard it all

Living in a world of make believe
I can hide behind what’s real
But wearing your emotions on your sleeve
And they all know what you feel

Well, lyrics ain’t Dio’s strong suit. But he can blast ’em out like nobody’s biz.

Mixology Report: If you can’t fit Dio into a mix, then…you suck! (Heh…)

Top Five Genius Results: Lady Evil – Black Sabbath (of course)
Metal Gods – Judas Priest
Still Life -Iron Maiden
No Bone Movies – Ozzy
Back For More – Ratt

A good selection of deep cut early 80’s REAL metal!

For The Good Of The Order: Dio got back together with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Appice to form the band Heaven & Hell, and as you can tell, it’s basically the Dio-era Sabbath reborn. Rock, on, you old man! (He’s 67!)

Here’s a classic clip of Dio being Dio.