(Oh, I am probably on the hot rails to hell for this…but…)

Title: Let’s Lynch The Landlord

Artist: Dead Kennedys

Album: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: Punk rock! But it’s punk rock with a swinging bass line, a cool surf guitar solo from East Bay Ray, an actual melody, and well, you can dance to it. And not just pogo. This is crucial rock and roll to be heard by everyone, youngsters and oldsters.

Riffage / Hookage: East Bay Ray’s main riff is simple yet carries the tune. And as I said, Klaus Fluoride’s bass line isn’t just “hit the root and the fifth in rhythm with the bass drum”. Jello sings, for the most part. He really does!

Cowbell?: No, but there are a lot of cymbals courtesy of original drummer “Ted”.

Words Of Wisdom: “There’s rats chewin’ up the kitchen
Roaches up to my knees
Turn the oven on, it smells like Dachau, yeah
Til the rain pours thru the ceiling “

Not a happy place to live, yeah!

Mixology Report: While I’m not saying that you bump it next to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey (hey, if you’re mixing them, why are you reading this?) but it’s versatile enough to fit in many places, sending a statement all the while.

Top Five Genius Results: Gimme Gimme Gimme – Black Flag
World Up My Ass – Circle Jerks
I Don’t Care About You – Fear
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
Pay To C*m – Bad Brains

Wow, quite the punk rock all star team!

For The Good Of The Order: Of course, even in punk rock, things can turn acrimonious. Jello Biafara is a stalwart, refusing to sell out and refusing to release sub-standard (in his opinion) live recordings. His band mates wanted more control and wanted some live recordings out. (While they do have money in the bank, they’re not rich and still need to work for a living.) Jello lost, and a few live recordings have trickled out. But no one won, really, except the lawyers, because now the DK’s good name has been sullied thanks to the lawsuit opening up the internal gunk and there is no way that Jello would reunite with them. (Actually, that’s probably not so bad. No one really wants to see 50-somethings act like punk rockers.)

But ‘nuf that stuff….here’s the DK’s live in 1980! D. H. Peligro on drums, I believe.