Title: I Am Your Singer

Artist: Wings

Album: Wild Life

Year Released: 1971

What It Is: So bad it’s good? So bad it’s…bad? Off of the first Wings album (you know, where Paul really wanted a ‘band’ again), this has a typical singable McCartney melody (he must have about 210 of these tunes just lying around at any given time) with excruciating lyrics and a big dose of Linda. On the studio version, it’s almost a Linda lead vocal. Be warned.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, hell, you can sing it in the shower. But why would you?

Cowbell?: Not as such.

Words Of Wisdom:“You are my love, you are my song, linger on,
You are my song, I am your singer.
You are my one, you are my own melody,
You are my song, I am your singer.

Someday when were singing
We will fly away, going winging.

Sing, singing my love song to you.

My song is sung,
When day is done harmonies willinger on,
I am your singer,
I am your singer,
Singing my love song to you.”

Oh, dear God! It’s worse than “My Love”

Mixology Report: Only to fill time? Yeah, probably. But I am both repulsed and attracted to this tune, so some other bozo may dig it!

Top Five Genius Results: Promise To You Girl – Paul McCartney
Here Comes The Night – Beach Boys
Beaucoups Of Blues – Ringo Starr
Message From The Country – The Move
Just A Season – The Byrds

For The Good Of The Order: Wild Life was a mess of an album (not to be confused with the B-side by Wings, “The Mess” was the flip of “My Love” and 6.02 X 10 to the 23rd power better), but better than Paul’s first solo album (with about 3 1/2 good songs) but not as good as Ram. Then he (er…Wings) released Red Rose Speedway. Oh, dear Lord that one was dreadful. Now, I can see why John wanted to record with Yoko. She was an artist (unconventional, yes, and very strange, but an artist with credentials and her stuff wasn’t as out there as some Beefheart stuff). But Linda? Linda was a good photographer. Notice George and Ringo kept their spouses out of the recording studio. I know Linda was the love of Paul’s life, but, really, Paul needed a foil to produce his best work (and Linda wasn’t it – neither was Denny Laine, really). I’m going on and on, sure, but I just had to get this off my chest, again, for the first time.

Here’s a live audio clip. This had to be the European 1972 tour where they jaunted around the continent and played post-Beatles stuff (probably to the chagrin of many). I mean, opening up with “Bip Bop” and also playing “Mumbo”, which seemed to be two songs written off the cuff in the studio? Nice throwaways, but as 2 of the first 3 songs when trying to establish a band? Wow, I’m beating a long dead horse here, right? Anyway, now, the clip. You can really tell when Linda appears, eh?