Title: Double Dutch Bus

Artist: Frankie Smith

Album: Children Of Tomorrow

Year Released: 1981

What It Is: One of the first melanges of rap and funk. Oh, and one of the only top 40 hits with Pig Latin. So give me a “HO” if you’ve got your funky bus fare…

Riffage / Hookage: It’s got a groove, an addictive bass and keyboard line, and an easy to remember tune. Yeah, it’s catchy.

Cowbell?: It has a bus horn!

Words Of Wisdom: “When I’m dealing with the funky sidewalk
I say sssssssss-sugar”

Admittedly, that loses something out of context.

Mixology Report: Oh yeah, especially on dance mixes!

Top Five Genius Results: In My House – Mary Jane Girls
No Parking (On The Dance Floor) – Midnight Star
Atomic Dog – George Clinton
You & I – Rick James
Dazz – Brick

For The Good Of The Order: In researching this song, it said that Pig Latin was big with the kids at this time. What? What? That trend totally missed me. But of course, I was a nerdball in the Midwest, but I had a cleric that could smite your ass with his mace!

Yeah, a video! HO! HO! HO! HO! It cost about $1.47 by my calculations.