Title: Her Head’s Revolving

Artist: The Three O’Clock

Album: Arrive Without Traveling

Year Released: 1985

What It Is: Excellent “paisley underground” rock with a kick ass guitar riff (kind of out of the norm for this band, but hey, I’ll take it). This was the first cut on their major label debut, which stiffed for whatever reason. Maybe because the rest of it wasn’t as guitar heavy as this. Dunno.

Riffage / Hookage: Louis Guitierrez’ guitar adds muscle to the pretty hooks from Michael Quercio.

Cowbell?: Not that I can tell.

Words Of Wisdom: You know, I can’t find the lyrics on-line, and I don’t want to guess, but has to do with her head revolving like a Catherine wheel around the rock-and-roll.

Mixology Report: Quercio’s girly voice is not for everyone, but there’s enough here to please anyone even if turned off by his vocals.

Top Five Genius Results: It’s kind of rare and not on iTunes, so no dice on Genius.

For The Good Of The Order: Guiterrez left the band after this album and kicked around the LA scene with Mary’s Danish. Quercio & Co. soldiered on for two more albums. Later, Quercio founded two great bands, Permanent Green Light and The Jupiter Affect. He still may be kicking around LA with the latter. It’s hard to tell from their web site.

Ah, gotta love cheap 80’s videos!