Title: Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

Artist: Steve Miller Band

Album: The Joker

Year Released: 1973

What It Is: One of the strong cuts from the record that kick started Steve Miller’s career and led him on the path to his huge 1976 albums! Before then, he had some fans, but no one album really stood out and his last couple were, um, OK, BAD! He probably was out of chances, too, after seven previous records, no hit singles and no album charting higher than 22. This had to be it, and while the entire album was just OK, the title track struck gold and THIS song kicked serious boo-tay!

Riffage / Hookage: Miller’s always had the hooks and riffs. (He’s recycled a few in his time too – see “My Dark Hour” and “Fly Like An Eagle”!) Here, it’s a good, poppy hook, some sharp Miller-esque guitar, great drumming from John King and tremendous bass playing by Gerald Johnson (fixed!).

Cowbell?: No, but the drummin’s kinda funky and syncopated at times.

Words Of Wisdom: The song is called “Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma” – do the words matter!

Mixology Report: Hell, yeah! You need to keep Miller songs fresh – so only mix the ones that no one knows.

Top Five Genius Results: Midnight Man – James Gang
Mr. Skin – Spirit
Rock ‘N Roll Stew – Traffic
Inside Looking Out – Grand Funk Railroad
First I Look At The Purse – J. Geils Band\

For The Good Of The Order: I saw Miller in concert in the late 80’s and he was great, even though you knew every song he was going to play. However, I picked up a double CD set of his King Biscuit Flower Hour concerts (one in 1973 and one in 1976) and it was phenomenal. The 1973 set had a nascent “Fly Like An Eagle” that sounded a bit different than the one everyone knows. Highly recommended.

Here’s the studio version…