Title: Danger Zone

Artist: Stone The Crows

Album: Ode To John Law

Year Released: 1971

What It Is: British heavy blues rock featuring a fantastic vocalist in Maggie Bell. Some would say she’s aping Janis Joplin but those pipes don’t come from imitation.

Riffage / Hookage: Good blues licks and a nice Hammond Organ underpinning.

Cowbell?: Solid blues drumming, unobtrusive yet powerful.

Words Of Wisdom: “Just read your paper
Read your paper and you’ll see
Just what exactly has been
bothering me
The world is in an uproar
The danger zone everywhere
It is everywhere”

I guess now it could be, “log on to your computer…”

Mixology Report: It’s blues, so it may not play nice with everything. A song like this just kind of stops the listener, and makes them jump for the rewind button to hear it again.

Top Five Genius Results: Fotheringay – Fairport Convention
Lady Eleanor – Lindisfarne
Slow Train – Bob Dylan
Coming Into Los Angeles – Arlo Guthrie
Here Comes The Sun – Richie Havens

For The Good Of The Order: Les Harvey, the guitarist, sadly lost his life onstage in 1972, as he electrocuted himself touching an ungrounded cord on a wet stage. The band, incredibly, finished the album they were working on and toured, with future Wings (and ex-Thunderclap Newman) guitarist Jimmy McCulloch, but they soon gave up. Bell later had some UK solo success. Critics loved this band, and they COULD have made it, or at least had a long career. Sad.

Here’s a live cut from that wonderful “Beat Club” show. There’s a great live album released by them “Live In Montreux” that showcases some of their extended blues workouts.