Title: All Night Long

Artist: Rainbow

Album: Down To Earth

Year Released: 1979

What It Is: Straight forward hard rock from Rainbow Mk. II (first post-Dio conglomeration). Rainbow had a gazillion personnel changes before this, but I call this Mk. II since the tenor and tone of the band changed after the wee singer with the pipes of Satan left. Anyway, itinerant singer Graham Bonnet yelped for this album, and the songs rather much reflect his world view (though he didn’t write any of the lyrics). Later, he was sacked for being schmozzled at the first show he played as a member of Rainbow, and thus ushered in the Joe Lynn Turner experience where everything got very…bleah.

Riffage / Hookage: Good, no great opening riff from Ritchie Blackmore. As if you expected anything else? I’m surprised that this didn’t get a lot of radio play because the riff is killer.

Cowbell?: Cozy Powell actually doesn’t overplay here.

Words Of Wisdom: All you need to know is encapsulated in these lines:
“I need a girl who can keep her head all night long”
“You mouth is open but I don’t want to hear you say good night”
“Don’t know about your brain but you look alright”

Note: if anyone says THOSE things to MY daughters, that’s a slugging…

Mixology Report: Yeah, it kinda kicks ass in a way.

Top Five Genius Results: Rock Bottom – UFO (another KILLER riff!)
Neon Knights – Black Sabbath (Dio!)
Please Don’t Touch – Motorhead
Prowler – Iron Maiden (Paul D’Anno on vocals – similar to Bonnet)
Hiroshima Mon Amour – Alcatrazz (fitting because that’s the band Bonnet formed after leaving the Michael Schenker Group, which is where he landed after he got booted from Rainbow).

For The Good Of The Order: If you have ever seen one of Pete Frame’s rock family trees (I have two volumes), then you know how convoluted they can become. Well, Deep Purple’s is pretty large, and they had to do a separate one for Rainbow (this was pre-Joe Lynn Turner, so now you can connect Rainbow to MSG, Alcatrazz and from there…who knows?). Besides Ritchie Blackmore, here’s who was in Rainbow from its founding in 1975 until the first Deep Purple reunion (in 1984).

Ronnie James Dio, Mickey Soule, Craig Gruber, Gary Driscoll, Tony Carey, Jimmy Bain, Cozy Powell, Mark Clarke, David Stone, Bob Daisley, Jack Green, Don Airey, Roger Glover, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli, David Rosenthal, and Chuck Burgi. That’s a lot of people passin’ through. Think Blackmore had some issues with some people?

Here are some vids. The regular video can’t be imbedded (yeesh).

But here’s Rainbow at Donnington. First off, Blackmore pleasures himself on guitar. Then about 1:50 in, the song starts. And you can tell that Bonnet’s not really endearing himself to anyone.