Title: Magic Potion

Artist: The Open Mind

Album: Single Only. Released as a bonus track on The Open Mind in 2006.

Year Released: 1969

What It Is: A long forgotten psychedelic acid-rock / proto-metal / prog single. It’s got the psychedelic sound, but with heavier guitars and fantastic double-bass drum work. It’s a fantastic single, but it was both dated AND too forward-looking, which is really hard to do.

Riffage / Hookage: Two fuzz guitars playing excellent psychedelic riffs with metal tinges. The solo has a definite neo-metal edge with fuzz and wah. There is a hook, too. One wonders why it wasn’t a hit. One wonders…

Cowbell?: No, but the double bass drum is not only a prog-rock precursor, but I’m sure Lars Ulrich heard this at some point.

Words Of Wisdom: “Take a drink from a magic potion
Tell me do you still feel fine?
Once sip and you will see
Things you never saw before”

DUUUUDE! That’s like SOOOO heavy. I’m seeing a talking orangutan. Oh, I’m watching Planet Of The Apes.

Mixology Report: Yeah, man. Blow the minds of the squares.

Top Five Genius Results: The Craig – I Must Be Mad
Q’65 – Cry In The Night
Fire – Father’s Name Was Dad
The Factory – Path For The Forest
The Bluestars – Social End Product

For The Good Of The Order: I guess the album by the Open Mind can command four bills now. But thanks to Rhino and the Nuggets collection, we can all buy this song (not on the original album, since that was the British thing to do) and freak out just the same. I can’t describe how incredible the sound of this song is, especially given the time and place. And I have never done psychedelics of any sort at all. Heavy.

Here’s a fan’s video.