Title: Should I See

Artist: Frozen Ghost

Album: Frozen Ghost

Year Released: 1987

What It Is: Catchy, 80’s synth pop with a message (about it’s only distinguishing feature from the other ready-made 80’s synth pop bands). The message? Don’t stifle my views man you moral majority influenced hypocrite. Of course, since they’re Canadian, they do it politely.

Riffage / Hookage: Chorus has a catchy hook and the synth and bass lines are also ear candy. The sax solo clinches it as Canadian though. A nice, polite sax instead of a shredding solo is the Canadian way. The ending did have the guitar and interesting time changes (for effect). But that guitar was too little, too late, I think.

Cowbell?: Only if the cowbell came from a computer.

Words Of Wisdom: “Cover my eyes and ears
‘Til it all dissapears
How can you judge for me
What I should hear and see

You take away freedom of choice
Take away the right to voice
My beliefs and and all my views
You take away my right to choose”

Well, like, that’s your opinion, man.

Kidding aside, this song has a pretty strong message. It’s like this band anticipated Fox News.

Mixology Report: Fits in pleasantly, especially with an 80’s mix.

Top Five Genius Results: No genius, denied. That’s not surprising, since I looked in vain for a digital copy and had to break down and get a hits collection via Amazon. Yes, I actually have a CD in my house now (well, until I hit the used CD store). The horror!

For The Good Of The Order: This band was formed from the ashes of Sheriff, which reached #1 with “When I’m With You” in 1989, six years after the band recorded the song. Gotta love that timing. (I bet it’s one of the few pre-1992 #1 songs that I don’t recognize at all – and if I heard the tune it would have been completely by accident.) At any rate, Andre Lanni and Wolf Hassel were Frozen Ghost, though if I remember the credits correctly Lanni played 12 instruments, produced the record, programmed the synths and the drums and sang. Hassel played bass. Ol’ Wolf probably laid down his parts and then took off for Val D’Or or someplace and asked Andre to call him when the record was done.

Hey, an 80’s video! Complete with hair, a drummer with a headband, and blank expressions by the hired touring musicians. And hair. LOOK AT THE HAIR! Yeesh. They should have been “Band Of Mullets” Or “Mullets Of Kintyre”. And they weren’t even hockey players. (But the were Canadian).