Title: Savory

Artist: Jawbox

Album: For Your Own Special Sweetheart

Year Released: 1994

What It Is: Loud. Intense. Loud. Riveting. Loud. Thought-provoking. Did I mention loud?

Riffage / Hookage: J. Robbins and Bill Barbot’s guitars work together as a brutal yet unified force. One plays a heavy heavy riff and the other starts with some psychedelic-ish discordant patters. Throw in Kim Coletta’s powerful bass lines and you got yourself some world class volume there. But even though it’s quite a racket, you can still hum the chorus.

Cowbell?: Zach Barochas starts by pounding his drum set like he was trying to put out a fire, but later shows some deft jazzy touches. Alas, though, no cowbell (though he likes his cymbals, which is a good thing.)

Words Of Wisdom: “Hey angel, fly over and bless me
See you feign surprise
And I’m all eyes
And you’re all you need to be”

Mixology Report: Me, I’d mix this. Well, you knew that already. However, the discordant sounds means you may need to plan your transitions well.

Top Five Genius Results:Burning Airlines – Outside The Aviary (fitting, since that was the band J. Robbins and Bill Barbot formed after Jawbox)
Fugazi – KYEO
Drive Like Jehu – Do You Computer
Dismemberment Plan – A Life Of Possibilities
Minutemen – History Lesson, Part II

For The Good Of The Order: Well, I’ll have you know I’ve met half of the band at my best bud’s house in Maryland. And just today, I talked to one of them at a conference. We spent 20 minutes talking about Krautrock, the nature of singles vs. albums in today’s day and age, the Minutemen, neo-psychedelia, and Budgie. No, not birds. The band Budgie. Oh, and database and web stuff, the reason we’re AT the conference.

Here’s the video for this tune. This album is being re-mastered and re-released on Dischord (they originally released this on Atlantic and were branded ‘traitors’ and ‘Judas’ by some uptight indie rock zealtos). They’re also going to be on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in December. TiVo it and wake up yer ma with it!