Back from a turkey day repast to end all repasts!

Title: Celebrity Art Party

Artist: The Embarrassment

Album: The Embarrassment EP

Year Released: 1981

What It Is: Quirky, fun new-wave music from America’s heartland. No, not Chicago or Minneapolis or other known musical venues. But…WICHITA, KANSAS. The same town where I was just at for Thanksgiving.

Riffage / Hookage: This has great guitar lines and a neat bass line!

Cowbell?: No, but decent drumming.

Words Of Wisdom: Not found online, but they use narcissistic correctly and mention Art Carney a few times!

Mixology Report: Yeah, throw it on there. It won’t hurt anything.

Top Five Genius Results: The Replacements – Color Me Impressed
Talking Heads – Warning Sign
Mission Of Burma – Academy Fight Song
Pere Ubu – Non-Alignment Pact
New Order – Your Silent Face

For The Good Of The Order: It’s really odd to think that this band existed in Wichita, even more so that this band existed in Wichita and actually made records and played out. They left a small legacy behind, but one that lives on to this day since their output is still in print and available. Most all of their songs are quirky and witty, yet they’re not just novelty tunes. There’s some well thought out music amongst the wry, dry wit.

Here’s the actual video for this song, shot for about $2.19 it looks…

And here’s a live vid of them. I’ll need to ask my wife if she ever went to the Flatiron. And they’re nerdier than I ever was!