Sorry, I don’t mean to be just a WEEKLY poster. But you know, life and how to live it gets in the way.

Title: Still Of The Night

Artist: Whitesnake

Album: Whitesnake

Year Released: 1987

What It Is: Phone message from me to my man Moose: “Dude, on the plane to Atlanta, I just thought of a category. “Songs that no matter if you’ve arrived at your destination and are running late, you have to finish listening to it before you turn off your car stereo.” First song I though of was “Still Of The Night.”
Text message from Moose: “Really? After all these years. Yeah, I’ll buy that.”

That’s what this is. You pull your car into the garage and this is blasting out of your speakers, you WILL risk carbon monoxide poisoning to bang your head and do air guitar.

Riffage / Hookage: This is one of the classic riffs in rock history. Not just 80’s hair band rock history. ROCK history!

Cowbell?: Don’t know. Don’t care.

Words Of Wisdom: Oh, jeez. It’s David-Freakin-Coverdale. He’s no Dylan or Costello. Just jam to it. He could be singing his Chinese take-out order to these riffs and I’d love it. “I want the General’s Chicken and some pork fried rice and an order of beef lo mein…”

Mixology Report: Why wouldn’t you mix it?

Top Five Genius Results: Cinderella – Shake Me
Ratt – Round And Round
Winger – Seventeen
Motley Crue – Looks That Kill
Scorpions – Big City Nights

For The Good Of The Order: This album was recorded with some vets of the industry backing Coverdale – Aynsley Dunbar, Don Airey, Neil Murray, and John Sykes. However, the videos show off the ‘new’ Whitesnake – featuring Adrian Vandenberg, Viv Campbell, Rudy Szaro and Tommy Aldridge. Why? Coverdale basically fired the band. The band shown in the videos did none of the recording, save two guitar solos. This followed a mass sacking after the “Slide It In” record, and then even before the next record was out Campbell was out and Steve Vai was in. What is it about Deep Purple where any band formed by ex-Deep Purple members goes through about 290 lineups in 5 years?

Oh, yeah, there’s a video. You know, I don’t think this was played much. But it does have Mz. Tawny Kitaen (of course) and incredibly cheesy front man moves. (Here, watch me as I remove my jacket…)