Title: Gas Girl

Artist: The Bottle Rockets

Album: The Bottle Rockets

Year Released: 1993

What It Is: A love song to the ultimate service worker – the convenience store babe. And not one of those fancy Circle K’s or 7-11’s. No, a very basic service station where they sell gas, smokes, pop and stale candy bars. You know the type – and you know the girls!

Riffage / Hookage: A great country-fried riff (natural for the Bottle Rockets) kicks off the song. While it’s not ‘hooky’ per se, it’s memorable!

Cowbell?: Nah, but the drumming is solid!

Words Of Wisdom: “Pretty little gas girl I don’t even know your name, but I wanna find out!”

Definitely not a high-rent convenience store. I mean, even the Kwik-E-Mart has name tags (for everyone but Apu…)

Mixology Report: It’s a short, rockin’ tune so it’ll fit in nicely on many mixes!

Top Five Genius Results: Uncle Tupelo – Postcard
Son Volt – Straightface
Drive-By Truckers – Do It Yourself
Old 97’s – Four Leaf Clover
The Jayhawks – Two Angels

For The Good Of The Order: I was quite pleased when I realized the Bottle Rockets were still alive and kickin’. They were Uncle Tupelo’s rowdier, less couth cousins in the scene that formed in the St. Louis hinterlands, and released some mighty fine records. True success eluded them, but they’re still kickin’ it, as this live cut will tell!