Title: Just Got Lucky

Artist: JoBoxers

Album: Like Gangbusters

Year Released: 1983

What It Is: A friggin’ catchy ear-worm, that’s what it is. It’s pop pap, for sure, but you can hum it, sing it in the shower, use it many circumstances. Snag a line drive behind your back? Just got lucky! Get to second base with a girl at summer camp? Just got lucky! Find $20 in a snow bank? Just got lucky! Have the Supreme Court stop a recount and declare you winner of an election? Just got lucky!

Riffage / Hookage: Now, the bass line is neat, but dang that’s a hook and a half, isn’t it? Write one of the catchiest songs of 1983? Just got lucky!

Cowbell?: No. I think we’re lucky there’s no cowbell.

Words Of Wisdom: “Your technique it leaves me weak
My heart knows it’s the beat I seek”

Mixology Report: Yes, for friends who remember the 80’s and for enemies that you want to infect!

Top Five Genius Results: The Flirts – Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime)
Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
Icicle Works – Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)
Classix Nouveau – Guilty
Red Rockers – China

Welcome to one-hit 80’s land!

For The Good Of The Order: In 1981, 4/5 of the band were the last incarnation of Subway Sect. In 1982, they met singer Dig Wayne. In 1983, they were stars. In 1984, they were forgotten. In 1985, they released album #2. In 1986, they were history. That’s the way it goes in the pop world.

Here’s the video that everyone my age saw 91,000 on MTV:

And lest you think they just wore those hats in the video: