Title: Your Mama Don’t Dance

Artist: Loggins & Messina

Album: Loggins & Messina (note: NOT their first album)

Year Released: 1972

What It Is: A fun song, suitable for oldsters, youngsters, and hipsters. Well, ok, maybe not the hipsters. Well, not the 1972 hipsters. Now, the ironic hipster doofuses will dig it. I think. Right?

Riffage / Hookage: That’s a mighty fine guitar lick there, Kenny.

Cowbell?: Not here, son.

Words Of Wisdom: “You pulled into a drive-in and found a place to park
You hop into the backseat where ya know it’s nice and dark
You’re just about to move in, you’re thinking it’s a breeze
There’s a light in my eye and a guy says
Out of the car long hair
Oowee – You’re coming with me – the local police”

Curses, foiled again. Of course, that wouldn’t be an issue with the kids on Footloose, right?

Mixology Report: People will either love this or want to punch you. But you know, mix it anyway. Your jaw can take it.

Top Five Genius Results: Kenny Loggins – Celebrate Me Home (der…)
Seals & Crofts – Diamond Girl
Dan Fogelberg – Heart Hotel (side note: remember when Opus’ girlfriend Lola Granola had a Dan Fogelberg tattoo? Anyone? No)
Orleans – Still The One
Little River Band – Lonesome Loser

Hey, welcome to light hits 97.3, the station you can play at full volume and not bother anyone!

For The Good Of The Order: I’ll admit, I loved this song when it came out. Of course, I was 6 1/2. My mom liked it too. I played it today for one of my kids on the way to the science museum. No reaction – so I doubt if it even registered. Actually, I doubt if she even pays attention.

Here they are at the Midnight Special. Someone in their tour band is a bit annoying on the backing vocals. Plus, the director misses the money shot of Kenny Loggins saying “OUT OF THE CAR LONGHAIR!” PS – Kenny really needed a shave and a haircut…