Title: Couldn’t Get It Right

Artist: Climax Blues Band

Album: Gold Plated

Year Released: 1976

What It Is: A rather fluky hit from a generic, mainstream British rock band. By all accounts they were a pleasing, hard working band but this is the only thing anyone remembers by them (except for a schlocky ballad five years later). They were the epitome of a faceless band. Only diehards knew who they were, and then I bet half of those diehards couldn’t pick them out of a police lineup.

Riffage / Hookage: Faceless band, but a mega hooky riff and song. When you hear those guitar chimes with the deep bass you know exactly what song it is!

Cowbell?: And there’s so much cowbell, famous producer Bruce Dickinson (not the Iron Maiden singer) will need to change his underwear…

Words Of Wisdom: “New York City took me with the tide
And I nearly died from hospitality
Left me stranded, took away my pride
Just another no account fatality”

Mixology Report: Sure – it’ll fit almost anywhere.

Top Five Genius Results: Robert John – Sad Eyes
Jay Ferguson – Thunder Island (now, THERE’S an earworm fer ya…)
Exile – Kiss You All Over
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Imaginary Lover
Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue

For The Good Of The Order: I soft-pedaled it earlier, but in the summer of 1976 I couldn’t get enough of this song. In fact, I kept listening to WLS in Chicago in the hopes they’d play the song. And that’s how I know the names for all of the Chicago freeways and the landmarks thereof? I mean, how else would I know that it’s 34 minutes from Mannheim to the Post Office on the Eisenhower?

Well, even though they’re definitely ‘faceless’ – the band does exist – in YouTube.