Title: Hey, Hey Helen

Artist: ABBA

Album: ABBA

Year Released: 1975

What It Is: A surprising hard rockin’ track from the Swedish hit-meisters. This wasn’t a hit, but was a crowd favorite, I suppose. At first, it really sounded a bit like it would be a Gary Glitter stomper. Anyway, it’s nice to hear an ABBA song that wasn’t played to death either during it’s time, or in all of the tributes, etc.

Riffage / Hookage: Well, you know it has a hook, since it’s ABBA. But it’s surprisingly riff-a-licious too! And it’s also kinda funky in the middle.

Cowbell?: Nah, but heavy drums, man.

Words Of Wisdom: “So at last you’re free
It’s the way you wanted it to be
And the price you pay
To become a woman of today
Is it worth the pain to see the children cry
Does it hurt when they ask for Daddy “

Well, maybe that’s why it’s not on stuff like Mamma Mia, eh?

Mixology Report: Oh, yeah, because people will be a bit surprised at hearing the heaviness.

Top Five Genius Results: Olivia Newton-John – If Not For You
Albert Hammond – The Free Electric Band
Carpenters – Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
ELO – Yours Truly, 2095
Bee Gees – Spicks & Specks

For The Good Of The Order: ABBA will be inducted into the rock-and-roll HOF, but there will be no reunion. Agnetha doesn’t like to fly, and Bjorn has some family thing-deal-bit, so Benny and Anni-Frid will be there.

Here’s a vid from Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert. Yeah, they’re miming. Oh, well…