Welcome to Smed’s Music Club. I’m writing about my music collection and you all can enjoy. Every track here is somehow available, someway, so dig around the ‘net. I’m going to post videos if I can find them as well.

My iPod has about 30,000 tracks, but “club” qualified is about 15% of those, and that’s what I’ll write about.

Comments welcome! Emails welcome too at smedindy@gmail.com. Rock on!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Liz Says:

    I like the new site!

  2. Lu Says:

    I love that you address the all important issue of cowbell.

  3. WhenIWas Says:

    Speaking of cowbell, when I was a kid, I saw Black Napkins on the Mike Douglas Show and all I could think was, this song could only be better if the Cowsills had performed it on the Arthur Godfrey Show ten years earlier when I was a littler kid I asked my mom, Arthur Godfrey isn’t God is he?

    keep up the great work, smed. we’re all with ya.

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