Title: Leaving Here

Artist: Eddie Holland

Album: Single Only Release

Year Released: 1963

What It Is: One of the hottest soul stompers ever recorded by Motown. Its greatness has been validated by the number of British bands who covered it. (The Who and Motorhead, for starters)

Riffage / Hookage: The horn charts and piano are outstanding. There’s not really a classic ‘chorus’ except the “catching trains, riding planes, leaving here…” which may explain its dismal chart showing. (It didn’t hit the Top 40, which is stunning for a song so glorious!)

Cowbell? : No cowbell, but listen to the bass drum through this one. It carries the tempo and forces you to get up!

Words Of Wisdom: “Hey fellas have you heard the news

These girls are tired of being misused”

You bet you need to treat ‘em right!

Mixology Report: Oh yeah! It’s a great way to get a mix CD started!

For The Good Of The Order: Eddie Holland is one part of Holland / Dozier / Holland, but the lack of chart success and the fact that he was rather shy (even though this is a true corker) meant that he was destined to be a writer / producer and not a performer.

And as for that, all we have on video is this…but you get to hear this ROCKIN tune. Turn it UP!