Title: It’s Love

Artist: King’s X

Album: Faith, Hope, Love

Year Released: 1990

What It Is: One of those perfect songs that transcend genres. But, as usual for this great band, it falls into the cracks. It’s not Christian enough for Christian music, it’s too metall-y for pop music, it’s not metall-y enough for hardcore heavy metal fans. But what it is, though, is beautiful.

Riffage / Hookage: Yah, a great riff (and not easy, as King’s X likes to throw all of the odd, weird, music theory nerd chords at you) and quite the hook throughout the song. Great harmonies, too, as the live clip below shows.

Cowbell?: No, but give the drummer credit for singing those harmonies while pounding the beat.

Words Of Wisdom: “It’s love
That holds it all together
I just had to let you know
That it’s love
That’s holding back the weather
And the same will let it go”

Mixology Report: Because it falls in many cracks, it’s perfect for mixes.

For The Good Of The Order: They are still going strong. From what I gather, since their formation in 1980 (!) the trio (though with a couple of early name changes and some participation in solo and side projects) have never taken a ‘break’ or ‘hiatus’. They just released “XV” last year and are touring. I found that record at the library, and now I need to gather about six King’s X albums that I neglected because they’re still damn great.

This clip is from the Dennis Miller Show, which was broadcast in 1992. Odd thing from what I gather is that there was no studio audience because of the LA riots, the audience noise was dubbed in. But still, a great performance.


Title: Hang Straight Up

Artist: I Love You

Album: I Love You

Year Released: 1990

What It Is:Somewhere in that fine line between standard issue hard rock and alternative grunge lied I Love You. They definitely had some psychedelical influences in there too. It kicked some asses and took some names, but was pretty much ignored because, well, that’s the way it goes in the big city.

Riffage / Hookage: Pretty darn good riffin’ and guitar playin’ – but it was not ‘metal’ enough for the hair banders (whatever that meant) and too polished for the punkers (again, who cared). Well, I liked it, at least.

Cowbell?: No, but I really dig the hollowy drum sound.

Words Of Wisdom: Ack, I’m getting bad. Couldn’t find the lyrics. But trust me, they’re not that linear.

Mixology Report: It’s good for a rockin’ or drivin’ mix, I guarantee!

For The Good Of The Order: I first saw this video at about 12:55 AM on MTV during the ending of “120 Minutes” and they cut it off, but still, I liked it enough to remember it. And lo and behold, I found it in the record store! So MTV did create a few sales…

And someone did like them enough to book them on Rick Dees’ old show. Here’s proof!

Title: Fly Me Courageous

Artist: Drivin ‘N’ Cryin (That’s the spelling, I guess)

Album: Fly Me Courageous

Year Released: 1990

What It Is: The lead single of a bold move from folky rock to all out arena rock, and it’s a huge success, at least to my ears. I mean, this thing COOKS! It doesn’t need Crisco, it IS Crisco!

Riffage / Hookage: An awesome guitar intro that carries through the song is the steak, and the ‘push me out of’ part of the chorus is the sizzle.

Cowbell?: Yes, yes, there’s cowbell. And a hella drum sound!

Words Of Wisdom: “Mother America is brandishing he weapons
She keeps me safe and warm
By threats and misconceptions”

This was pre-Persian Gulf war and post-Reagan America they were talking about

Mixology Report: You bet yer bippy! It’s especially good for driving mixes thanks to the drum sound and the guitar riff.

For The Good Of The Order: The whole album was great, and they decided to continue in the hard rock vein with 1992’s Smoke. That wasn’t so good.

Here’s the video for the song, which I actually saw on MTV (when they actually played videos) and I went out and actually bought the record thanks to seeing the actual video on an actual music channel. I guess promotion works, eh? So why not allow me to embed?