Title: Never Say Never

Artist: that dog

Album: Retreat From The Sun

Year Released: 1997

What It Is: Smart, sharp power pop featuring Anna Waronker and two of the Haden triplets (including the now semi-famous Petra Haden). They were a bunch of musical brats (Waronker’s father is famous producer Lenny Waronker and the Hadens are the children of Charlie Haden) that got together and formed a band. that dog (lower case, please) mixed a lot of elements into its songs, but always featured great harmonies (of course, with Petra, how could you not have great harmonies). This song showcases everything good about them, and reduces the ‘junior high’ romance vibe of their previous records, though it still reminds me of a musical “Sex And The City” episode!

Riffage / Hookage: Waronker knows her riffs! Rachel Haden’s bass is also strong with neat lines but a fantastic bottom sound! This has “HIT SINGLE” written all over it, but maybe that’s how I interpret it.

Cowbell?: Not that I can tell, but solid drumming from Tony Maxwell.

Words Of Wisdom: “I could wait
in your line
and if you had no money
I would give you my last dime”

Mixology Report: You gotta mix this! Yes you! MIX IT! MIX IT NOW!

Top Five Genius Results: Friends Of P – The Rentals
Leave You Behind – Sleater / Kinney
Hyper Enough – Superchunk
Sorry Again – Velocity Girl
Better Than Nothing – Jennifer Trynin

For The Good Of The Order Petra Haden is the voice behind those fetching Prius commercials. Waronker and Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go’s put together a rock opera that ran for about a year in LA. Everyone in the band seems to know everyone hip in the music industry in LA, so it’s all good!

As is this video!