Title: House Of Jealous Lovers

Artist: The Rapture

Album: Echoes

Year Released:2003

What It Is: An awesome blast of quasi-minimalist dance rog with grooves, riffs, and hooks galore. Oh, and cowbell. Plenty of cowbell.

Riffage / Hookage: Great basslines and fantastic pseudo-funky riffs allows for the maximum ass-shaking allowed by law.

Cowbell?: You want some cowbell? You got it!

Words Of Wisdom: Lyrics? That’s not the point here!

Mixology Report: Oh yeah, especially some stuffy-nose who refuses to move to the groove.

Top Five Genius Results: Talk To Me, Dance With Me – Hot Hot Heat
Heart Of Hearts – !!!
7/4 (Shoreline) – Broken Social Scene (??)
Shine A Light – Wolf Parade
The Rat – The Walkmen

For The Good Of The Order: It looks like one member of the band has recently left, but they plan to be back in the studio late this year.

Here’s The Rapture on Letterman a few years ago. Lots of echo on the guitar. It’s kind of a messy version.