Title: Chips Ahoy

Artist: The Hold Steady

Album:Boys & Girls In America

Year Released: 2006

What It Is: Epic! Classic! A must! Bravo! It’s the first song I ever heard by the Hold Steady (behind the times a bit, as usual – I need more hipster friends that only like bands that sell 205 copies of their records or make exclusive 7″ records that everyone has heard about but no one has heard). It’s one of those rare songs that made me go “WOW! I NEED THIS NOW! YESTERDAY!”

Riffage / Hookage: A great guitar part (with unusual chording, at least to my ears, but I can’t find the exact chords online) starts off the song and the organ burbles in the background. The backing vocals are infectious and the chorus has you singing along.

Cowbell?: Nah.

Words Of Wisdom: “How am I supposed to know if you’re high if you won’t even dance.

That is a question left to those above my pay grade.

Mixology Report: Voice be damned, it’s a hell of a track!

Top Five Genius Results: “You Made Me Like It” – 1990s
“Waving Flags” – British Sea Power
“The Righteous Path” – Drive By Truckers
“Unless It’s Kicks” – Okkervil River
“Mr. Tough” – Yo La Tengo

For The Good Of The Order: Living here in Minnesota now, I am recognizing many of the landmarks recounted by The Hold Steady on their first three albums. Have I been there? No, but I recognize the landmarks!

Here is a very clever and funny video. It starts about 14 seconds in or so.


Title: Fire Of Heaven / Altar Of Earth

Artist: Matisyahu

Album: Youth

Year Released: 2006

What It Is: A much better example of Matisyahu’s unique ‘toasting’ (if you will) than the hit. The playing is very tight, and fits well with his rap.

Riffage / Hookage: Not per se, but the beat and bass are wicked.

Cowbell?: Not this time, no. But some good reggae drum sounds and righteous cymbals (though it’s probably enhanced).

Words Of Wisdom: Capitalize on hot air, soar like an airplane
Yearn to rise in the sky quick high like cocaine
False pride is suicide but you’ve got nothing to gain
Babylon’s buildings raise like flames”

I think he’s trying to tell us something there…

Mixology Report: Hasidic reggae toasting can’t be put next to just anything, you know. So be careful.

For The Good Of The Order: Some looked at him as a ‘novelty’ but give the man his due. He’s got the skillz!

This is a video done by a fan using the recording, so instead of some shaky cam video from a festival you have the actual recording, so you can hear what he’s all about in studio!

Title: Dream At Tempo 119

Artist: Silversun Pickups

Album: Carnavas

Year Released: 2006

What It Is: The junior Smashing Pumpkins, without the megalomania and total arty pretensions. Oh sure, they do some arty stuff and have pretensions. But the guitar sound is right on for Billy Corgan’s – back when Billy decided to let loose on his guitar. Notice he’s doing that again

Riffage / Hookage: The guitar part underneath the chorus before the bridge about 40% of the way into the song is divine.

Cowbell?: No.The bridge has backwards sounding instruments, weird sound effects, a glissando, but no cowbell. And I’m not good on BPM, so I don’t know if it’s 119. I bet not.

Words of Wisdom:I couldn’t end it there
as her wooden bones grew through her skin
crumbled naturally
as her limbs and leaves had broken free”

That’s either some serious imagery or some serious substances. Both, maybe?

Mixology Report: Dang straight you mix this one. Even the mellower set will dig it.

For The Good Of The Order: For the longest time, I thought their name was the SliverSPUN pickups. You know, sometimes I can’t read.

All the videos on You Tube are audience shots with icky icky fidelity. Ah, well.