Title: Sequestered In Memphis

Artist: The Hold Steady

Album: Stay Positive

Year Released: 2008

What It Is: The first single from their 2008 release. It’s the Hold Steady and there are no surprises. They throw the kitchen sink at you on all fronts – lyrically, musically and imagery. While less rambling and dense than their earlier stuff, it’s still a lot to digest, but it goes down smooth. Does anyone really care about Craig Finn’s voice anyway?

Riffage / Hookage: Finn’s modus operandi don’t really make it easy for a riff or a hook to cement itself, but the chorus is catchy.

Cowbell?: Nah, but there’s enough noise for all y’all.

Words Of Wisdom: “Man, they want to know exactly which bathroom…
Dude, does it make any difference? It can’t be important… “

Dude, it’s always important. I know exactly which bathroom Sen. Craig was busted in!

Mixology Report: Sadly, the voice may turn off the musically pure, but the hell with them.

For The Good Of The Order: This sounds like the business trip from h-e-double toothpicks. I can relate – except for the subpoena and sequestering.

Here’s a clip of the band while doing a live shot at the Current – 89.3 here in the Twin Cities. Finn looks like he just came from temping at Dunder Mifflin. Heh…