Hey there, I’m blogging at


It’s about baseball cards.



Next week, I’m unveiling the new improved music club…I think!

Hey all.

Still workin’. However, a revelation hit me just know as I was in a half-sleep daze listening to “Black Love” by the Afghan Whigs (no, don’t take anything out of context there – it just as easily could have been “Led Zeppelin III” or “Pet Sounds”).

I may change up the format – make it more conducive to writing and less dependent on videos which get taken down without me knowing it.

So, yeah…

Haven’t abandoned anyone, but work is winning out.

Next week, I PROMISE!

Sorry, been busy but wanted to send my condolences on the death of Alex Chilton.

Some vids:

ACK! So sorry. Been working. Which is good, but bad for you music fans…

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