Title:Circle Sky

Artist:The Monkees


Year Released: 1968

What It Is: One of the best true rock-and-roll songs by the Monkees. It’s a Mike Nesmith tune that was a concert favorite and finally made it onto wax for the soundtrack to “Head”, their bizarre movie.

Riffage / Hookage: The opening guitar riff is very cool and sticks with you.

Cowbell?: The movie version was a live version, and Mickey Dolenz played it straight. In studio, with session players, Nesmith added maracas and claves to accent the beat.

Words Of Wisdom: “It’s a very extraordinary scene
To those who don’t understand
But what you have seen you must believe
If you can”

That’s pretty much the Monkees career summed up, really. Who would have thunk they’d be as popular, fight to actually do their own albums, and then have those albums turn out pretty darn good.

Mixology Report: The Monkees are always good to throw on a mix, and some may be a bit surprised on the riff and the drive of this song. (It’s not metal by any means, but it’s not wimpy pop.)

For The Good Of The Order: When the soundtrack was re-released, both the studio version and the live version from the film were on it. Yes, the Monkees actually play their insturments, as you can see from the clip: