Title: Apples & Oranges

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Single A-Side (found on “The Early Singles” released with a huge box set in the mid-90’s)

Year Released: 1967

What It Is: Weird, wacky, wild Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. They were still playing ‘the game’ and needed singles. “See Emily Play” was a huge hit, so after the first album they needed another single to keep going (so sayeth the record company). Syd produced this, with along with “Jugband Blues” (on the Saucerful Of Secrets album) may have been the last thing he ever did with Pink Floyd before he went totally
bonkers. It’s totally insane to think that this would be a hit, even in 1967. It does have some poppy elements, but it’s just…insane.

Riffage / Hookage: It’s got some hooks, yes, but it’s kind of formless in places. That formless structure adds to its beauty, I think!

Cowbell?: Nick Mason doesn’t hit cowbell but knew his way amongst the ancillary percussion instruments.

Words Of Wisdom:Got a flip-top pack of cigarettes in her pocket
Feeling good at the top
Shopping in sharp shoes
Walking in the sunshine town feeling very cool
But the butchers and the bakers in the supermarket stores
Getting everything she wants from the supermarket stores
Apples and oranges
Apples and oranges”

I believe this song is about observing a young lady going to market. Though, um, the meaning is meaningless, really, if you get my drift.

Mixology Report: Again, you need to be careful. The formlessness and randomness makes it not always compatible with other songs.

Top Five Genius Results: Syd Barrett – Octopus (der…)
Tomorrow – My White Bicycle
The Rolling Stones – Citadel
The Who – Armenia City In The Sky
Jefferson Airplane – Martha

For The Good Of The Order: After Syd left, they STILL tried to play the singles game, releasing “It Would Be So Nice” & “Point Me At The Sky” which are just meh and could have been released by almost any psychedelic UK group in that time frame. Then they just gave up and wrote albums.

Here’s a promo clip for this song, noted for the absence of Mr. Barrett.

Found this from American Bandstand. This song was on American Bandstand? What was Mr. Clark smoking?


Title: Matilda Mother

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Year Released: 1967

What It Is: Early Pink Floyd, in 3:00 or so. It’s dreamy, spacey, complicated, complex, yet simple in its own way. Basically, it’s Syd Barrett, pre-freak out. Well, pre-mental freak out. His music was pretty freaky anyway.

Riffage / Hookage: Barrett had an ear for hooks. There’s a lot of catchy parts here and it’s really a pretty good melody with good harmonies thanks to Syd, Richard Wright and Roger Waters. I think you could sing this in the shower, maybe. If you were so inclined, of course.

Cowbell?: No, but there’s enough other stuff going on to keep you occupied.

Words Of Wisdom: “Across the stream with wooden shoes,
bells to tell the King the news.
A thousand misty riders
climb up higher once upon a time.

Wondering and dreaming.
The words have different meanings…
Yes they did…”

Magical, really, isn’t it? No, seriously. Syd had a penchant for this child-like story telling.

Mixology Report: Duuuude. I’d say be careful for those who don’t “get” the whole LSD music thing deal bit – otherwise good to go. I’d rather hear this on the radio than anything from “The Wall”.

Top Five Genius Results: Effervescing Elephant – Syd Barrett
Armenia City In The Sky – The Who
Yes, The River Knows – The Doors
Pandoras Golden Heebie Jeebies – The Association (no, really, it fits!)
Uncle Jack – Spirit

For The Good Of The Order I love the first two Pink Floyd albums, but some of the edits are really butchered. They recorded them in Abbey Road, and you know some of the Beatles songs have pretty raw edits, right? Well, at about 1:59 here it’s just a sudden jump cut – BAM! – from the bridge to the last verse sung by Richard Wright. The song “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” also has a monstrously noticeable edit in it as well. But that’s just me – who notices these things.

Here’s a clip…and I know you can enjoy it WITHOUT substances! Just say no, if you will.


Artist: Cream

Album: Disraeli Gears

Year Released: 1967

What It Is: Classic power trio blues rock with, um, interesting lyrics. It’s my favorite Cream song, as Clapton, Baker and Bruce all dazzle and shine in 2:34.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, you know there’s a riff. Clapton may have meandered into hackdom, but here, he’s the real deal.

Cowbell?:Ginger Baker was content to hit everything and use both bass drum pedals, so no cowbell here.

Words Of Wisdom: “You’ve got that pure feel
Such good responses
You’ve got that rainbow feel
But the rainbow has a beard.”

Rainbows with beards, pictures with mustaches. They must be on that acid thing everyone’s talking about

Mixology Report: Good for the classic rockers and people who love odd titles. Oh, and human beings in general.

For The Good Of The Order: There’s been a lot of speculation on what the hell this song is about. The title, allegedly, is an acronym for “She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow” or something. And that connotation is either sublime (talking about seeing someone in rainbow light that’s obscured) or dirrrty (the nether regions of a female, I guess.)You know, whatever it’s supposed to mean, does it really matter? No! Let’s not get too too deep here.

Here’s a still clip with the album cover (trippy) and the song! (I still can’t imbed. I’m gonna see about this!)

Title: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Artist: Frankie Valli

Album: Solo

Year Released: 1967

What It Is: A wonderful bit of schmaltz released as a solo project, but it’s pretty much a Four Seasons type record without their harmonies. That may be because it was basically a Four Seasons production for the most part.

Riffage / Hookage: Let’s see – can you sing this song from memory? So yeah, there are hooks.

Cowbell?: The kitchen sink production does not include cowbell as far as I can tell.

Words of Wisdom: Pardon the way that I stare.
There’s nothing else to compare.
The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak”

A bit stalkerrific there…

Mixology Report: Good for camp, kitsch, and getting’ a little somethin’ somethin’. And we all need that, right? Heh.

For The Good Of The Order: Doesn’t this sound like Vegas baby? Wayne Newton could have killed with this. Heck, he may have. I am not up on my Newton discography.